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NEXT STEP information - 4 de Outubro



Next Step - youth workers in climate action


Dates: 06/11/2023 to 10/11/2023 (5 DAYS + 2 DAYS TRAVEL)


Venue: Felgueiras (Porto), Portugal

The Next Step project aims to respond to the problem of a lack of youth participation in the design and implementation of policies to combat climate change. The climate crisis is one of today's most pressing challenges, and involving young people in finding and implementing solutions is essential. This is yet to be a reality, with its role being primarily advisory and not very representative of the diversity of contexts and needs of this age group. In several European countries, despite many people joining the Student Climate Strike and several politicians avidly consulting young people, this does not occur in a structured way. (European Youth and Climate Change A Community Baseline, 2021). When we talk about young people in vulnerable situations, these opportunities are practically non-existent. There are several obstacles to the full participation of young people in decision making processes associated with the climate crisis.


Contribute to strengthening the youth sector by promoting mechanisms for inclusive youth participation in the context of responses to the ecological and environmental crisis we are experiencing. Considering the problem and related needs described, with this project, we intend to respond to them by investing vehemently in the training of youth workers, including workers with fewer opportunities, preparing them to train young people and support them in the creation and maintenance of participation mechanisms that are efficient, structured and inclusive.

INFOPACK - Nexte Step



 Partner Organizations


Salta Fronteiras Associação


Federação das Associações Juvenis do Distrito do Porto 


Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group


You In Europe


Euro Sud


WeSound APS


Associacion Cultural Y Desportiva Lahoya


Asociación Biodiversa


Evolving YOUth







Participants: [30 YOUTH WORKERS - training course - 3 for each organization, 1 of them with fewer opportunities].

Aged 18 or over:

Participants who work directly with young people and/or decision-makers;

Motivated and available (or already working) on the topic of youth participation and environmental sustainability;

Motivated to participate in all phases of the project (including the follow-up phase after the Training Course);

With a mindset open to experience and European values of tolerance, respect for diversity and justice;

Prepared to work cooperatively and promote a safe learning environment;

Be well integrated with methodologies such as formal and informal education and have some know-how on the subject, but also need to deepen it;

They should have a good command of English and be comfortable in multicultural environments.



General information about Portugal:

General information about Felgueiras, city where the training course takes place:ídeo:

How to get to Felgueiras:

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto, receives the most relevant airlines and low-cost flights. It is located 30 minutes, via the A41 and A42 motorways, from Felgueiras. Although Felgueiras does not yet have a direct railway line, you can travel to the Caíde (16 km), Vizela (14 km) or Guimarães (20 km) lines and then transfer to Felgueiras. Train tickets are always purchased before the journey, at points of sale, from vending machines. For more information, see the CP – Comboios de Portugal website:



[Based on NFE]

personal and group reflection;

active construction of knowledge;

group dynamics;

sharing of learning, knowledge and experience;

reflection on individual attitudes, behaviors and paths.



The activities to be carried out in Felgueiras will take place in different spaces in the Municipality of Felgueiras e Porto.



The main meals will be held at the Bela Cidade restaurant. The lunch and dinner will take place in Bela Cidade restaurant, with a varied menu, with simple and delicious Portuguese food,

respecting specific requirements of the participants. In the place of the activities, you will have snacks during the morning and the afternoon.

ATTENTION: If your participants have any specific need concerning to food (vegetarian, vegan, and so forth), please let us know instantly.



Accommodation will be at  Hotels, in Felgueiras (or similar accommodation), in a double room.


For this training course, where is some advises:

1. Bring clothes appropriated for this time of the year. Here, the November (autumn in Portugal) is not much severe,

but in this time of the year, could be rainy and cold.

2. Put some sport wear in your bag! We will have some outdoor leisure activity.

3. ID or Passport.

4. European Health Insurance Card.





Phone1 (Mário Gaspar) +351963763102 - contact of Salta Fronteiras Associação)

Phone2 (Luís Pinto) +351912899776 - contact of Salta Fronteiras Associação)

Medical/police emergency numbers in Portugal NATIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES – 112


We are waiting for you in Felgueiras, with the dream that we are building something different,

sustainable and better for the future.



Tipo Actividade: Intercâmbio



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